jenni ward

responsive website | e-commerce | portfolio

Jenni Ward is a sculptor, art instructor and owner of Earth Art Studio.

Back in 2015, ZapTuba built and delivered a completely new website for Jenni Ward to showcase her nature-inspired work and to establish an online shop for her classes and a selection of her work (for details about the 2015 project, click HERE.)

In 2017, as Jenni’s art has evolved with more installations and experiences of her pieces, she wanted to update her website to better showcase her work through more dynamic and responsive galleries, and through videos documenting the moments her work is installed in nature. Coincidentally, at the end of 2017, the parent theme on which Jenni’s website was built, was officially retired. 2018 was an opportune time to choose a new parent WordPress & WooCommerce powered theme and implement a brand new child theme integrating all of aspects she loved about her previous child theme and incorporating all of the improvements Jenni wanted to make.

Project Highlights

  • modernize the portfolio galleries
  • customize the look & feel using a combination of a custom child theme and the customization options offered by the WooCommerce parent theme, Storefront
  • integrate all applicable customizations from Jenni’s previous child theme into the new child theme, adapting the customizations to the new parent theme infrastructure as needed

3.2018, updated 11.2018

gateway school

responsive website | custom wordpress theme

Gateway School is an accredited K-8 independent school in Santa Cruz, CA.

In 2016, Gateway School wanted to modernize its website by making it responsive and mobile-friendly. After delivering a completely customized and feature-rich website for Gateway School in 2011 (for details about the 2011 project, click HERE), ZapTuba built a responsive, flexible, modern theme, integrating the post types and features designed specifically to accommodate faculty and staff workflow at Gateway School.

In November 2018, we updated the website with new content, a subtle style refresh, and adapted the content-rich Admissions and Giving pages to a long-scroll design.

Project Highlights

  • modern, mobile-friendly responsive design
  • custom WordPress theme featuring extensive implementation of custom shortcodes, post types, and taxonomies
  • empower the administrative staff to make content and layout changes by widget-izing and shortcoding many of the features that used to be hard-coded into the custom WordPress theme from 2011
  • introduce more compelling news & events feed on the home page
  • improve the parent, student, and faculty dashboards to focus on the most relevant information and links
  • implement customizable action bars to highlight Admissions and Giving events and news. (updated 11.2018)<

8.2016, updated 11.2018

Jenni Ward - Website by ZapTuba

jenni ward

responsive website | ecommerce | portfolio

Jenni Ward is a sculptor, art instructor and owner of Earth Art Studio.

UPDATE: This theme was retired in 3.2018, click HERE for details on the new theme.

Starting from Jenni’s idea to add an online shop to her existing Flash-based website, this project evolved into re-engineering her whole website to ensure a cohesive experience and an easy-to-maintain website.  The result is a modern, clean, responsive website which showcases Jenni Ward’s portfolio of amazing ceramic sculptures and features an online shop.

Project Highlights

  • modernize the logo for use on the website
  • customize the look & feel using a combination of a custom child theme and the customization options offered by the original WordPress-powered WooTheme
  • unify the responsive gallery and device-friendly swipe-able lightbox experience to showcase her portfolio and the products in the online shop
  • MailChimp setup & integration
  • design and prepare production files for marketing print material and assets (wholesale sheets and art heart tags)

2.2015, updated 3.2018

Organized Lives - Website by ZapTuba

organized lives

responsive website | branding

Organized Lives provides professional organizing services for home and office.

UPDATE: This website is retired.

Sherie L’Heureux of Organized Lives wanted a simple website to highlight her professional organizing services. ZapTuba designed branding and delivered a responsive, clean website which reflects the serenity that comes from having everything in its place.

Project Highlights

  • establish the color, font and style for the Organized Lives brand
  • create a custom WordPress theme incorporating custom post types for easy management of testimonials
  • design and manage the production of new business cards to reflect the new Organized Lives brand