Jenni Ward - Website by ZapTuba

jenni ward

responsive website | ecommerce | portfolio

Jenni Ward is a sculptor, art instructor and owner of Earth Art Studio.

UPDATE: This theme was retired in 3.2018, click HERE for details on the new theme.

Starting from Jenni’s idea to add an online shop to her existing Flash-based website, this project evolved into re-engineering her whole website to ensure a cohesive experience and an easy-to-maintain website.  The result is a modern, clean, responsive website which showcases Jenni Ward’s portfolio of amazing ceramic sculptures and features an online shop.

Project Highlights

  • modernize the logo for use on the website
  • customize the look & feel using a combination of a custom child theme and the customization options offered by the original WordPress-powered WooTheme
  • unify the responsive gallery and device-friendly swipe-able lightbox experience to showcase her portfolio and the products in the online shop
  • MailChimp setup & integration
  • design and prepare production files for marketing print material and assets (wholesale sheets and art heart tags)

2.2015, updated 3.2018

Organized Lives - Website by ZapTuba

organized lives

responsive website | branding

Organized Lives provides professional organizing services for home and office.

UPDATE: This website is retired.

Sherie L’Heureux of Organized Lives wanted a simple website to highlight her professional organizing services. ZapTuba designed branding and delivered a responsive, clean website which reflects the serenity that comes from having everything in its place.

Project Highlights

  • establish the color, font and style for the Organized Lives brand
  • create a custom WordPress theme incorporating custom post types for easy management of testimonials
  • design and manage the production of new business cards to reflect the new Organized Lives brand


Chef Jamie Smith - Website by ZapTuba

chef jamie smith

responsive website | logo design

Chef Jamie Smith is a professional chef, child nutrition advocate, and proprietor of FoodSmith, creating nutrient-rich meals for families and working adults.

UPDATE: This website is retired.

Project Highlights

  • logo design
  • website design
  • custom responsive WordPress theme with custom post types andwidgets
  • researched and integrated a solution for Chef Jamie to easily share his recipes with his audience


Sightings - Ghost Face iPhone app

sightings – ghost face

iOS application for iPhone | feature architecture

In collaboration with Red Dot Media, who provided the licensed character, visual assets, marketing, and legal support, ZapTuba developed Sightings – Ghost Face, a social photo sharing iOS app featuring the popular character Ghost Face® as seen in the Scream motion pictures.

UPDATE 3.2018: This iOS app has now been officially retired, and is no longer available from the App Store.

Project Highlights

  • sole engineer on the project using iOS + Three20 + Facebook
  • feature design

4.2011, updated 6.2013